Summer volunteers needed

Seeking (2) residential volunteers for June-July, 2012

Who We Are

The St. Jude CWH community is diverse & inclusive. We see ourselves as a living organism, a human community: from the person who donates a case of apples, to the guests attending our weekly community dinner, working in the garden, or picking up trash in the yards.

Our desire is to to build community as an antidote to the individualism of the dominant culture. Through our work, we begin to live as a healing community, a body of people seeking healing from the brokenness of our world. We welcome guests into our house (primarily women & children) to be part of that life. Cultivating personal relationships with guests, who come looking for food, shelter, friendship, and a sense of belonging, is an essential element in building a new society in the shell of the old.

What We Are Looking For

 Residential volunteers (RV’s) live full time at the house and provide hospitality to women and children, as well as assist with the daily needs of the house and other projects. We are interested in finding folks who are social-justice minded who are interested in serving Champaign-Urbana’s homeless and marginalized, enjoy shared labor, and engaging with strangers who come to the door.

A typical day might include:

  • engaging and assisting guests
  • answering the phone and taking messages
  • general chores — sweeping, dishes, laundry
  • picking up recovered and discarded food
  • physical labor — garden work, repairs, heavy-duty cleaning projects, etc.
  • community engagement — working with other groups and individuals on larger community projects
  • shared meals, recreation, and relaxation!

Summer residential volunteers would be asked to make a two month commitment (June and July) to living in and working at the house. During this time, we would ask that any outside time commitments be limited. If you have a part-time job, we can try to work around your schedule, but if you have a full-time job or commitment, this would not be a good fit, as we are especially interested in people being around and available in the daytime. For your time and work at the house, we can provide a room and board (you’re welcome to anything in our kitchen!). Unfortunately, because our house runs solely off of the generosity of our extended community, we are unable to provide any monetary compensation or stipend. It must be completely understood that this volunteer commitment is for two months only: we may not have the space available to keep volunteers on past July. We would ask that you come in with a concrete plan for August. However, if it seems like you would be a good fit for the community, and you show a genuine interest and ability to make a long-term commitment, we would be open to a conversation about the potentially staying longer.

If interested, please contact Laurel through email: Please give a short description of yourself and your interest in volunteering, as well as contact info.


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