Fall at St. Judes…

Greetings Friends,
after a little bit of an internet hiatus, we are back on the blog/email situation. Feel free to reach us here or contact us at stjudecatholicworker@gmail.com.
There’s been some friends who have left the house for a while and some new ones that have come, but our mission and dedication continue. The house is very full of people, their stories, their laughter, and the love, and it continues to inspire and uplift us all what folks can do when they come together.
Big projects have been happening! The yard has been getting a solid clean up, along with the garage and the annex. Going into the winter it’s very exciting to see our home looking so good, and to have so many great projects ongoing that will help us better serve our fellow humans. Also the Experimental Writing Workshops have restarted, and brought already very interesting work and discussions. More on these projects, and others that are developing, in the very near future.
For now, we do want to put it out there in the digital world that our beloved PT Cruiser, pictured below, is not enough for what we do. Simply put, it takes up too much gas and cant haul enough stuff for our needs. We are asking anyone in the area who would have a reliable truck, van or suv they would be willing to part with to please contact us, as we would be very interested in getting a second vehicle that can really haul stuff (and us).
As always we are looking for volunteers to help with any of the projects we do around here, as well as catholic workers interested in being live in volunteers.
We are also seeking donations of towels, tools, bricks, soaps (all kinds), seeds, toilet paper (always), a working blender, definitely blankets, warm layers (it’s that time of year), and of course the vehicle mentioned above.
Thanks so much for reading this, and come visit us! Thursday nights are our house dinner, and all are welcome (generally we start around 7:30).
Much love and solidarity,
St. Jude Catholic Worker Community


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