At St. Jude CWH, our community is vast, inclusive, and diverse. From the person that donates a case of apples, to the guests that eat at community dinners and pick up trash in the yards, everyone constitutes St. Jude’s as a community of people, a living organism.

Residential volunteers (RV’s) live full time at the house and provide hospitality to women and children, as well as assist with the soup kitchen and other projects. We ask that residential volunteers commit to live here at least 2 years to promote sustainability and continuity as a community. If you’re interested in joining the residential community, call or email us.

In our desire to build community as an antidote to the individualism of the dominant culture, we also seek community with the guests that come to the house. Welcoming in women and children into the rhythms of life at the house and sharing life together is one way we begin to live as a body of people seeking healing from the brokenness of our world. We see cultivating and maintaining personal relationships with guests that come looking for food, shelter, friendship, and a sense of belonging as an essential element in building the kingdom of G-d.


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